Creating a Great Room Vision Board

Mood Board for Great Rooms

Creating a vision board (also referred to as a mood board) is a great way to start your log or timber frame home design planning.  These visual representations of your taste will help us have a clear direction before we start to design your home. These boards can be as simple as a Pinterest page account or as complex as a notebook filled with sketches, notes and printouts. You can check out our Gallery and Floorplan pages, Instagram or Facebook for lots of Beaver Mountain home inspiration. The sky’s the limit!

The Great Room is the gathering place for families, friends, and where you’ll make many holiday memories so there are many choices to make! You probably already know the answers to basic design questions such as how many people you would like to entertain, or if you’d like a fireplace (or not) but here are some things you might not have considered that you can work into your Great Room vision board…


-Location; centered in windows, corner of room, middle of room to separate spaces, none at all, etc.

-Type; wood burning, electric, gas, etc.

-Size & shape; mantle height, full ceiling height, width, etc.) 

-Materials; stone, brick, mantle/no mantle, hearth, etc.


-Where do you envision the TV (if you opt to have one) in your great room?


-Do you see this as a formal great room or more of a casual gathering space? 

-How many people will you need seating for regularly? 

-What is the focal point of the great room, is there more than one (fireplace/TV/windows/furniture/artwork?) 

-Do you have a really unique piece of furniture to design around?


-Is there a specific view you would like to capture (or avoid?) 

-Do you like specific shapes (arched, circular, square, trapezoid?) 

-Function vs. Aesthetic; Are they just pretty windows or do you need them to function in a certain way (open, filter sunlight, built in blinds, etc.)

Ceiling Beams & Truss work:

-Size and shape; Do you prefer large timber trusses or smaller ceiling beams?

-Amount; Do you like to see a lot of beams or truss work or would you prefer to see just a few? (This might also be determined by your type of construction, but we’ll cover that in the design phase!)

-Ceiling beams, wall ties, purlins, metal/no metal… so many options! 

-Stained for contrast against tongue and groove or left natural to blend in

Pro Tip: The more photos the better! Photos really help us get a clear vision of what you are looking for in your home! Start a folder (whether that be a physical folder, or one on your phone) specifically for photos of home inspiration from floor plan designs you like, to great rooms, to flooring, it’s all relevant and we want to see it all!