Sustainable Building

Prow Front Log Home With 10" Logs

Sustainability is top of mind for everyone these days. For Beaver Mountain log homes, it is not a trend; sustainable building is what we’ve done from the start. Going above and beyond building codes is important to us, not only to provide our customers excellence in service, but also because in doing so, we are honoring environmental and sustainable practices that matter to us personally and leaves a legacy for our children for years to come.

When you choose Beaver Mountain log homes, we understand that you are looking for a home in which to enjoy nature. The very essence of our log homes combines luxury living with the great outdoors. But we take this environmental benefit further with sustainable practices in waste reduction, high performance heating options, and we offer solutions for solar energy and off grid living. CONTINUE READING

One of the 20 Best Custom Home Builders

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Custom Home Builders Country Cubco Timber Home

We’re proud to be included in the Top 20 Best Custom Home Builders in Upstate NY by Home Builder Digest! They highlighted our Country Cubco custom built home, a ski lodge in the Catskill Mountains of New York designed to host friends and family.    The Country Cubco Timber Home is a perfect home for entertaining, with a large open concept living space, dining for 12 and a large wraparound deck that is accessible from the beautiful French doors in the living room. A wall of windows lets in natural light and passive solar heating in the winter months. During the summer, simply open the doors to feel the mountain breezes. A double sided fireplace is an unusual, but beautiful, feature. One side opens to the living room, the other to outdoor living room under a porch. The area is designed to allow you to enjoy 3 season outdoor living and has been a very popular design option lately. To see the entire Country Cubco gallery and floor plan, click here! CONTINUE READING

Enjoy the holidays! Tips to make your home holiday ready!

It’s hard to believe that we’re staring down the last few weeks of 2021 already! Sometimes these holiday weeks can feel a bit overwhelming with visitors, baking, cooking and decorating, so here are some of our favorite tips and tools to help make it easier! We want you to enjoy the holidays!

Invest in a large cutting board.

If you’re like most people, your cutting board could probably use an upgrade! Not only is a large board great for meal prep, but it’s perfect for carving meats, or charcuterie! Catskill Woodworks has some beautiful hand made boards that you might not want to ever put away! They also can teach you how to take care of your wood with oils, making sure it’s something you’ll love for years. (These also make perfect gifts and can be customized!) CONTINUE READING