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Whether you’re building a primary residence, a legacy home, or a vacation destination, it should fit your individual lifestyle.

Micro-luxuries to Enhance Your Home Design

First impressions in our personal lives are always important, but what about the first impression that our homes make? Your home is a reflection of your life, your story and the details tell everyone who steps through the doors about you. Making thoughtful decisions about form, functionality, and personality speak volumes. Whether you’re in the process of designing your log or timber frame home with Beaver Mountain, or if you’ve been enjoying the rustic beauty of your home for decades, you might be looking for a little interior design inspiration. One way that you can incorporate some modern flair into your interior design is by utilizing micro-luxuries throughout the rooms of your home to show off your personality and style without breaking the bank. CONTINUE READING

NYS Bans Gas Hookups in New Builds

In early May 2023, NY Governor Hochul announced that NY State has begun making strides towards becoming the first state in the country to eliminate all fossil fuel equipment in new construction starting in 2026. Under this mandate, all new homes built by 2026 must be fully electric and can no longer include propane or natural gas fueled heating systems or appliances. While there is still a good deal of information we do not know at this time, Beaver Mountain wants to share with clients what we do know so far and the ways it could impact the future of new construction projects. CONTINUE READING

Log Homes vs Timber Frame Homes

Log vs Timber Frame: What’s the difference?

Designing and building your custom home is an investment in the future for you and your family.  Such a well-thought out decision deserves to be one that you are happy with forever. Careful planning goes into every detail of your custom designed home for months- or even years. For you, there is something beautifully artistic about the intricate detail and noticeable craftsmanship of a home made from white pine or red cedar. CONTINUE READING

Creating a Great Room Vision Board

Mood Board for Great Rooms

Creating a vision board (also referred to as a mood board) is a great way to start your log or timber frame home design planning.  These visual representations of your taste will help us have a clear direction before we start to design your home. These boards can be as simple as a Pinterest page account or as complex as a notebook filled with sketches, notes and printouts. You can check out our Gallery and Floorplan pages, Instagram or Facebook for lots of Beaver Mountain home inspiration. The sky’s the limit! CONTINUE READING

Enjoy the holidays! Tips to make your home holiday ready!

It’s hard to believe that we’re staring down the last few weeks of 2021 already! Sometimes these holiday weeks can feel a bit overwhelming with visitors, baking, cooking and decorating, so here are some of our favorite tips and tools to help make it easier! We want you to enjoy the holidays!

Invest in a large cutting board.

If you’re like most people, your cutting board could probably use an upgrade! Not only is a large board great for meal prep, but it’s perfect for carving meats, or charcuterie! Catskill Woodworks has some beautiful hand made boards that you might not want to ever put away! They also can teach you how to take care of your wood with oils, making sure it’s something you’ll love for years. (These also make perfect gifts and can be customized!) CONTINUE READING

Log Home Interior Design Trends

We’ve seen some interesting trends lately in log home interior design as our clients are creating their homes! Here’s a few of our favorites…

Mixing Bold Patterns

Using Primary Colors

Wallpaper & Murals


Comfort is Key!

Let’s take a look at those in depth!

Mixing Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are a great way to give your home some personality! You can go for a floral or maybe a geometric pattern to give any room that “pop”. But in 2021, we’ve seen clients mixing those patterns together! You can choose a common color palette, then mix and match to your heart’s content! CONTINUE READING

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kitchen Design Tips Kitchen Island

Kitchen Design Tips: Part 2

Last time we started talking to Carol from Northeast Cabinet Center about ways to increase your storage and  keep your kitchen organized. (Click here to read that post!) Today she’s back and has some more tips for us!


Roll out drawers are a really easy way to access everything in your cabinets and come in several widths. These are very helpful in the kitchen to pull your appliances, pots/pans, etc. out for an easy access. No more crawling on your hands and knees retrieving an item in the back of the cabinet. They also aid in keeping a better inventory of your supplies since the items are readily available with an easy glide out drawer. CONTINUE READING

Reopening Information

Beginning Monday, June 1st 2020, Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes will be open. The Model Homes & Design Center will be open by appointment only. Please call JoAnn at 607-467-2700 or email to get in touch with one of our Sales Consultants and schedule a meeting.
Our Sales/Design team has moved the Hancock, NY offices to our Deposit, NY manufacturing facility (just 6 miles down Route 17). There are a few reasons for this move and it is something we have been planning for years, but the recent temporary closures made it possible. This will help our team members all collaborate more effectively, and will also make the safety plans put in place by NYS easier to facilitate.