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Home Design for Retiring-In-Place

Are you dreaming of retiring to a gorgeous custom crafted home surrounded by breathtaking views and the relaxing atmosphere of nature all around you? Perhaps you have a family cabin on a beloved piece of property and would like to transform the space into a one-of-a-kind wood home. When it comes to designing the dream home for your golden years, there are a few things to consider ensuring you’ll be happy and comfortable for many years to come. CONTINUE READING

Reduce your wood home maintenance with these tips!

When you move into your custom crafted log or timber home, the last thing you want to worry about is filling your precious free time with home maintenance projects. There are several details that can be incorporated into the design of your log home in order to minimize the amount of maintenance your home will need. We had the opportunity to chat with Beaver Mountain’s own Drew Prochazka, Vice President of Business Development, to share his personal experience of log home maintenance. According to Drew, “While it’s true that log homes require a certain type of maintenance, there’s no such thing as a maintenance free home”. Even conventionally built homes require regular maintenance to last for years. As someone who has lived in a Beaver Mountain log home for two decades and has worked within the log home industry for the past 21 years, Drew knows a thing or two about taking care of a log home. CONTINUE READING

Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Spaces

One of the most important components of the home design and build process is factoring in landscaping and hardscaping to your property. We had the pleasure of chatting with Kyle Palmer from Palmer Contracting and Hardscaping to discuss why those are an important part of the process for homeowners to consider. Kyle is an expert in his field and offered some great insight into the process to help us better understand the application and functionality of both. CONTINUE READING

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Overlook Retreat

What Are You Waiting For?

Undoubtedly you might think that just because there is snow on the ground and the temperatures are frigid, you can’t begin to build your dream home. This is so far from the truth! Realistically, while the weather and ground conditions are not ideal in the northeast, it’s the perfect time to lay the ground work and begin the process of building. Here are some of the reasons why: CONTINUE READING

Cedar Crest Cabin Cedar Log Home Livingroom

Let Furniture Set The Stage For Your Log Home

Let Furniture Set the Stage in Your New Log Home
Story By: Pellham D.W. DeGroot
Guest Commentary by Log Home Living
There’s no shortage of information about building a log home, whether you’re cutting down your own trees or stacking pre-cut logs.  But precious little tells how to furnish a log home.  Most people wind up OK, or at least think they do, but some regard furnishing a log home as an impossible mission.
No wonder, even if you are blessed with taste and confidence, few people have any experience with log homes, even those who have done and re-done other kinds of homes many times, even a few pros, Logs pose challenges.
There’s the wood, obviously.  But because logs represent more than just a place to live, furniture has to go beyond form and function to convey who the owners are and how they live in their log home.  That means worrying less about a stated theme – Southwestern, art deco, rococo, French Country, Victorian, etc. – and more about setting feelings: casual, comfortable, rugged, outdoorsy, down-homey. CONTINUE READING