Beaver Mountain's Builder Friendly, Labor Saving Building Systems


Ready-to-Build Building Systems that are pre-engineered, precision pre-cut & numbered, pre-fabricated, custom-crafted and panelized by experienced, skilled craftsmen (not mass produced). Developed by builders for builders, let our decades of expertise work for you.

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Cut Sheet
Black Bear Lodge Floor Plans
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Pre-Cut Line Saw


  • Develop Building Site Specific Architect/Engineer sealed, building and energy code compliant, Construction Drawings to meet Permit and Construction Requirements.
  • Detailed Pre-Cut Component and Assembly Drawings also including Material Take off lists with guaranteed quantities and pricing.
  • Kiln-Dried White Pine and Red Cedar components are graded for aesthetic appearance and structurally graded by certified graders per ASTMD3957 specifications.
  • Our Pre-Cut and Numbered Log Walls are graded to “Wall Log 53”, then Dry Stacked (pre-assembled) for inspection to ensure they meet Beaver Mountain’s strict quality standards and for client/builder viewing.
  • The presorted wall logs are inverse stacked on custom protective pallets, other wood components we manufacture are also on custom protective pallets, then covered with lumber wrap. All materials are staged together and stored inside under cover until delivery.
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Pre-Cut Line
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Dre Stack
Beaver Mountain Stacked Milled Logs


  • Beaver Mountain offers an extensive selection of log and timber sizes, shapes and profiles, custom milled smooth, rough-sawn, hand-hewn, natural peeled, etc.
  • Our High Quality Log & Timber stock, pattern boards and dimension lumber are sourced from “Top of Grade” mills and suppliers.
  • When construction is ready to begin, the trucks will be carefully loaded and tarped for delivery to the building site, to keep your premium materials clean and dry.
  • We offer flexible on-time deliveries (when you are ready for the materials) and staggered delivery times.
  • Beaver Mountain Log Homes also offers split-load delivery dates ILO all the materials arriving on the same day, and storage inside, undercover for up to 30 days at no extra charge.
Beaver Mountain Log Home Delivery
Beaver Mountain Home Construction
Beaver Mountain Log Home Construction


  • On-Site “Technical Assistance” by an experienced construction advisor, to coordinate materials and assist with the assembly of the first 2 rows pre-cut wall logs or panelized-framed wall sections (typ. 1 day)
  • Prompt response to Customer Service and Support to assist with building questions, concerns, etc.
  • Our central location, within driving distance of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States building sites, enables Beaver Mountain to provide prompt on-site customer services and technical support, when required.
  • Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes is a member of the National Association of Home Builders.

“Today we had the pleasure of unloading a new Beaver Mountain log home material package for a client. I just wanted to let you know how happy my entire crew is to be working on one of your homes again. Over the past year we have put together log homes for two other companies.

As we unloaded your materials today it was so nice to see the quality of the home that you shipped. Everything from the way the trucks are loaded, the pallets that you use to keep materials off the ground, the way each stack is labeled, wrapped and protected from the elements; it is evident that your guys care about what they send us. As we unwrapped our framing lumber to begin the first floor system it was so nice to see dry, organized, high quality building components. As you know we strive to give every customer a beautiful home. After 10 months of struggling with other kits, the crew here at Arrowbrook fully appreciate working with Beaver Mountain again. There is simply no comparison to the quality and ease of assembly you offer. We are always able to get a roof on your homes much faster than your competitors; this protects the homeowners investment from the weather as quickly as possible. When you combine that with stable building components, the overall result is a better project from start to finish.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to build dream homes for our clients. It certainly makes our job easier when they start with a Beaver Mountain Log Home.” – Arrowbrook Construction


Based on our decades of experience and with the help of our extensive “Network of Industry Professionals,” Beaver Mountain will locate and recruit professional contractor candidates, local to our clients building site or we will work with their contractor. We will coordinate and conduct contractor introductions and assist with soliciting contractor bids. Our experienced staff will help finalize the building plans and help take the next steps with the selected contractor. Typically our clients will contract with Beaver Mountain Log Homes for the home design, material selection, and production phase and with the contractor for the construction phase.

Beaver Mountain offers a “Builder Program” for professional contractors interested in building our solid log homes, insulated log homes, or timber homes for their clients in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. For more information regarding our “Builder Program” or if you are looking to join our “Network of industry Professionals” please call Joann at (607) 467-2700

The First Step: Discussing Your Vision

Call us for a feasibility conversation or to schedule an in-person consultation
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