Determining The Turnkey Cost of Your Custom Home

Here at Beaver Mountain, we are very proud of the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and the level of customer services we provide. There are cheaper alternatives, but none that offer the combination of expert guidance, dedication to customer service and top quality products.

Our professional, experienced Building Consultants will review your ideas, needs, wants, timeline, etc. and will work with you to develop a ballpark estimated “turnkey” range to help in the planning and design of your custom log home or timber home.

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Ballpark estimated “turnkey” costs include all the labor and materials to complete the construction of your new log home – excluding variable costs such as land and land specific site work including utilities, excavating, well, septic, landscaping, etc.

Square foot pricing to determine a turnkey estimate can be very misleading as there are numerous ways to calculate the square footage of a home, numerous amenity selections from low end to high end products, be sure to always ask what is included!

Log cabin homes, and other timber homes are typically niche areas of construction and tend to cost somewhat more (generally 10%-15% and up) than a comparable, high quality, custom “stick-built” home with the same level of finishes, amenities, and design complexities.

As one might expect, it is less expensive to build a cookie-cutter home with vinyl siding, drywall, and carpeting than a custom home with log and timber components, wood siding, and wood interior finishes.

Things That Affect the Turnkey Cost of Your Custom Home

The Geographical Location of Where You Intend to Build

  • Labor rates for builders and sub-contractors vary greatly between locations.
  • Each building site has its own characteristics that may affect excavation, driveway length, the engineered sewage system, well depth, and foundation type (just to name a few). These can increase costs.
  • Construction and engineering codes, permits, and local variances differ


House Style and Design

  • Roof lines, roof pitch, valleys, dormers, and gables
  • Footprint of the house, square box or angles, jogs and bump-outs
  • Window and door configurations and sizes
  • Cathedral ceilings or full second floor area
  • Walkout basement, full underground basement, crawl space, or slab
  • Covered porch and deck area
  • Quantity and design of bathrooms
  • Kitchen design and size


Materials Used in the Home’s Exterior

  • Exterior finish (solid log, log siding, cedar, composite, brick, stone, vinyl)
  • Roofing materials (shingles, slate, wood shake, tile, metal)
  • Overhang length, gable style, dormer quantity, style, and size
  • Timber Frame construction, accents, and size
  • Railing styles, decking, posts, etc.
  • Trim work, facia and soffit finish materials and style
  • Many other details that are not visible, but affect the construction cost


Materials Used on the Interior (Finishes)

  • Type of flooring covering  and wall coverings, etc.
  • Grade of cabinets, countertops, and appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Type of heating systems used – forced hot air, radiant floor, baseboard hot water, geothermal
  • Air conditioning – single wall units, central air, separate system for heat, air exchanger/ purifier, solar, geothermal, or wind power
  • Amenities such as fireplaces, portico, soaking tubs, saunas, wet bars, etc.
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Timber Portico
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Owners Suite Bath
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Great Room

Luxury Log Homes and Timber Homes Crafted with The Finest Materials and Expert Workmanship.

“After researching and visiting 10 log home companies, we found ourselves feeling confused and not at all confident about the project that we were about to start. We felt resigned to the fact that this was just the way it worked when a good friend suggested that we keep our previously scheduled meeting with Chris Weyer at Beaver Mountain Log Homes. I said “Why bother? They are all the same!” and he said “No they’re not!”. So, we ventured to Hancock, NY and within 10 minutes of our arrival I knew my friend was right.
Unlike the other firms we visited that were happy to give us a design, a price, contract and delivery date within an hour of our arrival, Chris spent almost 2 hours with us asking about why we were building our log home, how long we might own it, how we intended to use it and who else would be involved. He asked lots of questions about what kind of features and looks were important to us before we ever even looked at any of their beautiful model homes and pictures of others they designed. We finally met John Lanner who would ultimately take all this information and designed our dream log home. They described a process where they would do whatever it took to design our perfect home, suggest and vet several qualified builders, lead them through the bidding process and then work closely with our selected builder and us from day 1 to the day we were handed the keys to our new log home. We left our first visit thankful that we didn’t give up and confident that we had found the team to help us make our dream a reality.
We now spend as much time as possible at our beautiful log “cabin” that could not be any more perfect. Beaver Mountain and Mike Klein at Dutcher Construction, that they introduced us to, did everything that they promised and more. The attention to every detail and their ability to make us feel comfortable with an inherently difficult process was second to none. Jackie and I would not hesitate for a moment to strongly recommend that anyone considering designing and building a log home work with this team. They are the best!”


Discuss questions you may have and building ideas for your log or timber home with one of our sincere professional building consultants, we’d love to hear from you.

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