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At Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes, we specialize in helping customers design and build unique custom log homes, log cabin homes, cedar homes, and timber frame homes.

Log & Timber Homes are Naturally “Green”

Owls Club Beaver Mountain Custom Home

There is a lot of buzz right now about living “green”.  It stresses being conscious of the world around us and practicing environmentalism, such as recycling and using paper instead of plastic.  The mindset can also be applied to building homes.  In fact, Beaver Mountain has been committed to being green long before it became popular and incorporated this approach into every aspect of the home building project. CONTINUE READING

Don’t Forget the Landscaping

Log Home Landscaping with Fire Pit

With thoughts of spring and building your new Log or Timber Framed home, keep in mind that the exterior landscaping is just as important as your interior décor. For as much time that you put into figuring out your style for the inside of your home, the outside is the first impression everyone will see when pulling into the driveway. First impressions are lasting impressions. CONTINUE READING