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At Beaver Mountain, we’re all about family! Get inspired with entertaining, educational projects you and your kids can do together!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Bags of coffee surrounded by rocks and leaves

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought it might be fun to round up some of our team’s favorite gift ideas! We know how hard our guys are to shop for (although we must add that a design consultation with us for a custom log home would be a fabulous gift!)

For the coffee lover:

Upstate Coffee Roasters is one of our favorite small coffee companies! They’re located in Gloversville, NY and have some great hand roasted beans. You can’t go wrong with their Cayuga Lake artisan blend, or if you like something lighter, try their Lake George single origin bean! CONTINUE READING

Family Activities: Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Beaver Mountain Kitchen Scrap Gardening

At Beaver Mountain, we’re all about family! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some family-friendly activities to add a little cheer and color to your days. If you’re stuck home with the kids right now, why not try your collective hand at growing veggies? Some of your favorites can actually regrow from a small piece of the original. Kitchen Scrap Gardening is easy, fun, and – as each day brings new growth – gives everyone something to look forward to! If you include the kids in every step along the way, they’ll understand and enjoy the process even more. CONTINUE READING