Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Your ideas are welcome here! Beaver Mountain specializes in creating one-of-a kind, custom-built log cabin homes, cedar homes, and timber frame homes to fit our customers’ individual lifestyles, needs, and budgets. If you need a place to start, we can help, having created over 2200 homes we have hundreds of home plans on file. We offer limitless design options including green, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient building solutions. Your home will be uniquely yours!

A. When you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, our caring, professional designers, consultants, and craftsmen will work directly with you to guide you through the design and build of your custom-built log cabin home, cedar home, or timber frame home. We will conduct an on-site evaluation, create your custom home design, define turnkey estimate ranges, provide a building timeline, conduct builder introductions and develop a builder bid analysis that we will use to help you define your total investment and building schedule for your custom home.

A. Yes. Additions, sunrooms, outdoor living areas, attached garages, and complete makeovers are possible and we build them often. First, you’ll connect with a Beaver Mountain Building Consultant to review your ideas and plans, then meet at your home to gather the information we need to generate conceptual drawings and estimate ranges. We will create your custom design, provide a building timeline, help locate and recruit builder candidates, conduct builder introductions, and solicit competitive bids for your custom home construction. Your Beaver Mountain Project Manager will then develop a Builder Bid Analysis and Project Summary that we’ll use to help you interpret and compare the various proposals.

A. Yes. More than half of our homes have been built by Contractors who had not previously built a Beaver Mountain log home. We specialize in builder-friendly log cabin homes, cedar homes, and timber frame homes that feature pre-engineered, precision pre-cut, prefabricated, and panelized building systems. We also provide outstanding customer and builder services including detailed construction drawings, on-site technical assistance, field support and more.

A. Absolutely. We welcome opportunities to collaborate! Working with your architect or our architectural design team, the goal is to create a log cabin home, cedar home, or timber frame home that fits your lifestyle and exceeds your expectations.

A. Typically, log cabin homes and timber frame homes are niche areas of construction and tend to cost more (generally 10% and up) than a comparable, high quality, custom “stick-built” home with the same level of finishes, amenities, and design complexities. As one might expect, it is less expensive to build a cookie cutter home with vinyl siding, dry wall, and carpeting than with log and timber components, wood siding, and interior wood finishes. We’d be happy to help you determine a realistic budget for your dream home. Let’s talk about what works for you.

A. Of course! Beaver Mountain’s in-house engineering staff will develop your building site specific construction, assembly and detail drawings for your custom home and ensure they meet building and energy codes. Our Architect/Engineer sealed construction drawings will include an Energy Code Compliance Report and be fully prepared to submit for your building permit.

A. To help make your building experience easy and more enjoyable, Beaver Mountain offers more specialty products and services than most of our competitors. Providing this level of on-site customer and builder services, along with field support by our experienced team, is just not practical on a nationwide scale.

A. Yes. with an average 20+ years of experience each, our craftsmen work diligently to provide premium, precision pre-cutting, pre-fabricating, panelizing, and other labor-saving, ready-to-assemble features and services that help keep your builder on schedule and on budget. Beaver Mountain homes are also “buyer-friendly”, with some of the best people in the industry at work for you, we’re here to help create your family’s dream log cabin home or timber frame home. We make it easier, our expertise works for you every step of the way- right up to moving day and even after move in!

A. Yes. Beaver Mountain’s kiln-dried wall logs and timber frame components are structurally graded, precision pre-cut, and numbered (ready to assemble). Wall logs are also dry stacked in our facility where we conduct a quality control inspection to check fit and appearance. Once the logs are stacked, you’re welcome to come view your materials to ensure they meet – or exceed – your expectations.

A. Yes. In addition to building custom homes, Beaver Mountain has been involved in many commercial projects: motels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, welcome centers, retail stores, chapels, barns, boat houses, garages, outdoor living spaces, gazebos, pergolas, and more.

A. In short, it means one of a kind. When we talk about our custom-crafted log cabin homes, cedar homes, and timber frame homes, we’re talking about unique residences with individualized designs (floor plans) and milled log & timber techniques with hand-crafted characteristics that reflect the needs, wants, and personalities of their owners. There are no options – only choices!

A. It starts with a meeting at Beaver Mountain’s Design Center or at your homesite, to review your building plans with one of our sincere, professional Building Consultants. We look forward to getting to know you! From start to finish your Building Consultant will work with you and for you, to create a custom-built home to fit your lifestyle, your needs and your budget, just the way you imagined it. To speak with a Building Consultant, to schedule an appointment, or for more information, call us at 607-467-2700.


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