Don’t Forget the Landscaping

With thoughts of spring and building your new Log or Timber Framed home, keep in mind that the exterior landscaping is just as important as your interior décor. For as much time that you put into figuring out your style for the inside of your home, the outside is the first impression everyone will see when pulling into the driveway. First impressions are lasting impressions.Log Home Landscaping with Fire Pit

When your meeting with your Designer, you should be mindful of how you will be utilizing the outdoors for entertaining and natural lighting. This is where your landscaping plans come in to play. Think about how your home will sit on the property, where will you have the best views, future gardens, outdoor kitchens, water features, etc. Having the lay of the land completed before construction begins will allow you to take advantage to plant and prepare for future projects.

Just as lighting inside your home is imperative, so is the amount of light that will stream in naturally. Choosing how close, how many and how large the trees and shrubs around your home will have a huge impact not only outside, but inside as well. Be sure to clear any fallen trees, limbs and stumps at least 50’ from your log home as they make the perfect home for unwanted wood boring insects. If your property is in need of shade, consider the more prevalent oaks and maples on the west side of the home to shield you from the afternoon sun, but keeping the south side free to the sun so as to provide passive solar power warming in the winter.

When it comes to colorful flowers and shrubs, remember that with changing seasons, so too are the vast variety of plants to match the location and time of year. Mix it up with annuals and perennials which add abundant color and that are hardy and deer resistant.

Combining plants and shrubs with walkways can enhance how inviting the entrance to your home is. One thing to remember though when planting near your home, airflow and space is an essential step in protecting log from mold, mildew and wood boring insects. The rule of thumb is to keep plants and shrubs at least 3’-5’ in distance from your structure.

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Holsapple Front View LandscapingHaving the correct slope and drainage will need to be imperative in keeping your yard and gardens free from standing water which will also attract unwanted mosquitos.

Other future projects to consider when designing your landscaping are outdoor kitchens, in-ground pools, water features, vegetable gardens, play areas, stone walls, patios, etc. where prepping the area now can save on lawn disruptions down the line.

But before any planting can begin, meet with a professional landscaper who can test the soil and determine the best course of action if needed for ideal soil conditions. They can also help you select flowers, shrubs and trees that suit your budget, style and required maintenance.

Landscaping and curb appeal not only adds to the value of your home, it also brings privacy and beauty to the exterior of your home. As much thought that goes into decorating the inside, so should decorating the outdoors. So have fun, get creative, and let your style begin with the landscaping that is a reflection of the entire home. Happy planning and happy planting!

Article by JoAnn Drumm Customer Administrator