Log & Timber Homes are Naturally “Green”

There is a lot of buzz right now about living “green”.  It stresses being conscious of the world around us and practicing environmentalism, such as recycling and using paper instead of plastic.  The mindset can also be applied to building homes.  In fact, Beaver Mountain has been committed to being green long before it became popular and incorporated this approach into every aspect of the home building project.Owls Club Beaver Mountain Custom Home

Take our log homes for example, Wood is renewable resource.  Managed forestry is practiced by the suppliers of the logs and timbers we purchase to produce our log homes.  The storage and milling processes are done in a controlled environment, out of the elements, to minimize damage and waste.  What little waste is generated is then used for railings, spindles and other smaller components for the homes.  Even the sawdust shavings are sold for bedding to neighboring farmers.  Beaver Mountain uses nearly every part of the log so there is virtually no waste.

Our log system consists of 10” logs and are graded to exceed the Log Home Council’s standards.  The larger size logs, milled with double tongue and groove joinery, are precision precut and numbered to provide tightly fitted joints.  The log wall is constructed with Norseal foam tape, Geocel caulk and log screws to ensure energy efficiency.  High performance Anderson windows and patio doors, both with Low E glass are also used and fiberglass Therma-Tru entrance doors keep your glass areas energy efficient.  With Beaver Mountain’s quality product and focus on customer service that works with the homeowner and the project’s builder, the home can achieve an Energy Star rating.  This energy efficient home should result in lower energy costs for the homeowner and longevity of the home’s life.  Both are important to conserving energy and resources.Beaver Mountain Log Homes Mountain View

Building green can also be applied to design and function of a home. Beaver Mountain provides a custom design service that can work with your property to utilize features and resources, such as sun and terrain.  For example, if you face the windows to the south it gains solar heat, but if you extend the gable overhang, it helps to block the sun’s rays in the summer.  Placing the garage on the north side of the house can create a structural block from the winds coming from that direction.  Building green can also be incorporated into an energy efficient remolding project.

It may initially cost more to build green if you incorporate solar panels or geothermal technology into it, but the savings will be substantial in the long term.  The US Department of Energy states that by going green, the average home can save as much as 50 percent on their utility costs.  With energy costs rising, these savings could be even more.Log Timber Components

Beaver Mountain has gone to great lengths to partner with reputable architectural and design firms and can bring them in on discussions or a consultation as well.  Whether it is Energy Star, LEED construction, geo-thermal or any other special requirements you may have, you can be confident that we have the team to answer all of your questions.

The term “building green” may not be new, but Beaver Mountain has always been focused on environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, tight construction and a quality producer.  Beaver Mountain is naturally green.