Future-Proofing Your Home

Here in the Catskills, we’ve seen a huge rise in the numbers of people building their dream vacation homes. They rent them while they’re not using them, with the long term goal of having it as a retirement home. If that’s something you’re thinking of, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Make it accessible

Wider hallways and wheelchair accessible bedrooms and bathrooms are very important. While you’re designing your home, take some time and think about how you would use it in the future if someone in the home needed handicap accessible spaces. It’s easier to design them into the home now vs trying to rework the spaces in the future.

Take time planning the kitchen

Kitchen design is one of the most important parts of a home. Not only does it have to be a functional space, but it also needs to look beautiful and be able to easily be organized. This is even more important if you’re planning on renting out the home. You’ll want your renters to be able to easily find what they need. Do you want an island for entertaining? Or maybe an eat in kitchen with a small table for easy breakfasts? What about a coffee station? Or a bar? Maybe you bake a lot and would like a cabinet specifically for your mixer with a lift? There are so many options and taking your time with the kitchen design now will pay off in the future.

Multiple laundry rooms

Many homes now have a laundry room on both the main floor and second floor (where the bedrooms typically are). If you’re planning a home with a guest wing, consider making a small laundry room in that area for guests to use. Multiple laundry stations will make your life easier!

Think about how will your use your Home Office

Home offices should get careful planning. Having enough strategically placed outlets for charging devices, bright natural light for virtual meetings, desk space and strong wifi placement are all important. Some of our clients even add in a coffee station and small refrigerator in their offices, so they don’t need to interrupt their work day to go into the kitchen.

Considering how your want to use your home in the future can make it more functional for years to come. Our designers can help you create a home for all generations to gather, sharing stories and laughter together.