Proven Success, Building Thousands of Custom Crafted Log Homes Since 1982.

Design and Build expertise to create exceptional solid log homes, insulated log homes, and panelized timber homes. Beaver Mountain Log Homes wall logs and timbers are primarily milled from kiln dried White Pine and Red Cedar. We specialize in “Builder Friendly” construction featuring pre-engineered, precision pre-cut & numbered, prefabricated and panelized building systems.

Naturally “Green”

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Sustainable Building

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Why Build Your Log Home With Eastern White Pine

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What Is “Custom Crafted”

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Not All Logs Are Created Equal 

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Our Uncompromising Quality Control Addresses Both Form and Function.

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Dry Stacked Home
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Stacked Packs
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Home Assembly

Building Site Specific, Custom Designed Home Plans

  • Beaver Mountain Log Homes has been providing in-house professional Design and Engineering services for over 40 years and we have created thousands of homes.
  • Your home starts with a design consultation at your building site. Then using 3D modeling software your Project Designer will create your personalized custom log home, or timber frame home conceptional drawings (or we will work with your Architect/Designer).
  • Upon your approval our Engineering team will develop, building site specific, Architect/Engineer sealed Construction Drawings with Energy Code Compliance Report (to meet the Northeasts building and energy codes) to be used to obtain Building Permits and for construction.
  • Beaver Mountain’s Engineering team will also develop detailed Shop Drawings (cut sheets to be used for precision precutting, prefabricating, and pre-framing components) Assembly Drawings (used for construction of your custom Log Home or Timber Frame Home) and material take-off lists (with guaranteed quantities – see “Promise“)


Customize The Material Selection For Your Home

  • “Have it your way” – Beaver Mountain Log Homes does not offer a standard materials “kit”, you select the materials that best suits your lifestyle, tastes and must haves.
  • We prefer to provide the “structural shell” material packages (but also offer weather tight and “complete” material packages) as our homes feature pre-engineered, precision cut & numbered, prefabricated and pre-framed building systems.
  • Our homes are built with high quality log & timber stock, pattern boards, and dimension lumber – sourced from “top of grade” mills and suppliers, most of whom we have had relationships with for decades.
  • Beaver Mountain specializes in manufacturing custom-crafted “Builder Friendly” labor saving Solid Log Home, Insulated Log Home, and Timber Frame Home Building Systems and a member of The National Association of Home Builders, we are not a “Sawmill”.
  • We offer an extensive selection of kiln dried, structurally graded, White Pine and Red Cedar Log and Timber sizes, shapes and profiles, custom milled smooth, rough sawn, hand hewn, natural peeled, etc.
  • Also offering Custom Crafted Log and Timber specialty wood products including sidings and corners, stairways, railings, mantles, posts, beams, joists, trusses, decking, hardware and more.
  • We are very proud of the quality of materials, the craftsmanship and the level of customer services we offer to help build a new log home or timber frame home you will be proud of.

Precut & Numbered 10″ Thick Log Wall Profiles & Corner Styles

Beaver Mountain Log Homes 10" Log
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Butt-and-Pass corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Saddle Notch Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Interlocking Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Posted Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Log Dovetail Corner

Premium Pre-Cut & Numbered 10″ Thick Log Wall Building System

  • High quality, kind dried White Pine and Red Cedar from managed forests.
  • 10″ Thick wall logs milled with double tongue & groove, check relief groove, caulking chamfer, drip edge and choice of numerous exterior and interior profiles.
  • Wall logs graded to a higher standard “wall log 53” by in house certified graders in accordance with ASTMD 3953 grading standards. (most use wall log 30 or 40).
  • Ready-to-install precision precut and numbered wall logs with mitered, mortise & tenion corners and tongues removed on exposed corners (numerous corner styles available).
  • Wall logs with precut window and door openings (ready for precut frames), pre-grooved log butt ends for splines and pre-drilled with countersink for 3/8″ Lag Screws and washers.
  • Precut wall logs are dry stacked (pre-assembled) for quality assurance and for your inspection.
  • Wall logs are pre sorted and inverse stacked row-by-row (in order of use) on protective pallets and covered with protective lumber wrap, then stored under cover until delivery.
  • Window & door “Buck Frames” are pre-cut & labeled, ready to assemble (pre-cut to standard jamb sizes).
  • 3/8″ x 12″ coated, hex head lag screw wall log fasteners with washers, Geocel® tripolymer caulking sealant, log home foam gaskets, and pre-cut log and buck splines.
  • 5/4″ premium exterior window and door trim with custom-milled interlocking drip cap.

Pre-Framed Insulated Wall Profiles & Corner Styles

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Pre-Framed Timber Wall with Siding
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Timber Radius Butt and Pass Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Timber Radius Posted Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Timber Posted Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Timber Shadowline Bevel Corner
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Timber Channel Rustic Posted Corner

Pre-Framed Insulated Wall Building System

  • Ready-to-install Pre-Framed Exterior Wall Sections with factory assembled 2″x6″ studding @ 24″ O.C., triple 2x window and door headers and ZIP System™ wall sheathing with tape for seams.
  • Custom-milled kiln-dried White Pine or Red Cedar tongue & groove log/timber siding (numerous sizes and styles available) and pre-cut siding corners (numerous sizes and styles available)
  • Geocel® tripolymer high performance caulking and coated exterior wood screws.
  • 5/4″ premium exterior window and door casings and trim (field rip).
  • Spray foam or other insulation for exterior walls to be provided by purchaser/contractor to meet building codes.
  • Tongue and groove log/timber siding or 1″x8″ “select” tongue & groove “V”-joint White Pine or Red Cedar finish for interior or exterior walls (except garages) or a variety of many other options.

Pre-Cut & Labeled Timber Frame Floor Structure

  • High quality, kiln-dried White Pine or Red Cedar, square or round timbers, milled smooth, hand hewn, or rough sawn.
  • Pre-cut & labeled timbers, graded “select” by in-house certified graders in accordance with ASTMD 3954 grading standards.
  • Precision pre-cut & labeled timber support posts, beams, and floor joists with wall logs or timber top plates notched for beams and joist.
  • 2″ x 6″ select “V” joint, tongue & groove decking.
  • Custom-milled timber (4″x 12″) or log (10″x 12″ Dia) stairs, stringers, treads, etc.
  • Custom-milled square, round, hand-hewn, & natural peeled posts, rails, and spindles, for loft, balcony, & stairs
  • Misc. hardware, lag screws, trim screws, etc.

Pre-Cut & Labeled Timber Truss Styles

Pre-Cut & Labeled Timber Frame Roof Construction

  • High quality, kiln-dried White Pine or Red Cedar square or round timbers, milled smooth, hand hewn, or rough sawn.
  • Timbers graded “select” by in-house certified graders in accordance with ASTMD 3954 grading standards.
  • Ready-to-install Precision pre-cut & labeled timber roof rafters, trusses, and purlins (valley rafters are field cut).
  • 2″ x 6″ select “V” joint, tongue & groove roof decking.
  • Misc. hardware, lag screws, trim screws, etc.
  • Structural Insulated Panels or built-up insulated roof system as specified per code.

Delivery, Storage & Customer Services

  • Primarily servicing & delivering to the Northeast with flexible staggered delivery times and split load dates with storage up to 30 days at no additional charges. (ILO all materials arriving on same day/time).
  • All materials are stored & protected under cover (inside) until loaded for delivery and all truck loads are carefully loaded and tarped (covered) for delivery to your building site.
  • Wall Logs and Timbers are structurally grade stamped by in-house graders, certified and monitored by Timber Products Inspections, Inc.
  • Prompt response to Customer Service and Technical Support to assist with building questions and concerns. Our location enables Beaver Mountain to provide on-site customer services and technical support by experienced construction personnel (as needed).
  • Beaver Mountain’s Promise: Beaver Mountain’s Promise is that the materials provided to you will be the kind and quality specified in your Purchase Agreement, pre-cut as specified and supplied in sufficient quantity for their intended purpose and use in your custom Beaver Mountain home (see “Promise” for details).
  • Beaver Mountain’s 25 year Warranty: Beaver Mountain’s 25 year Warranty covers the wood products we manufacture against defect resulting from the manufacturing process. Other materials supplied would be covered by their manufacturers (see our “Warranty” for details).

Our Promise To You

At Beaver Mountain Log Homes, Inc. (Beaver Mountain), our goal is to deliver customer service that is “Second to None.” As such, we are proud of the kind and quality of materials we provide. Beaver Mountain specifically promises that the materials provided to you as listed on the material specifications attached to your Purchase Agreement will be of the kind and quality specified, pre-cut as specified and supplied in sufficient quantity for their intended purpose. Upon review of the Purchase Agreement, construction, assembly, and detail drawings, the materials list and your shipping list, if it is determined that materials were inadvertently missed, pre-cut incorrectly or shipped in deficient quantity, Beaver Mountain will provide the materials to you at absolutely no cost; and if it is determined that a sufficient quantity of materials was shipped, upon request we will provide additional materials at sales price plus shipping. Terms & Conditions apply. For more information, call 607-467-2700

If you have questions concerning our building systems or material specifications please call 607-467-2700

The First Step: Discussing Your Vision

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