What is Custom Crafted?

The term “Custom Crafted” means “made to the specifications of an individual customer”.  In today’s world, having your custom crafted, luxury log dream designed to meet your wants and needs has come a long ways from the days of “kit” log homes.  This is not to say that there still companies out there that still produce a cookie cutter home.

What are the benefits of having a custom crafted homeBeaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes Custom House vs a “kit”?  Custom crafted gives the homeowner the opportunity to define their style, choose the materials that will go into the home, design a home that is unique to them.  Work with a team who ensure that each home is exactly what they envision.  A “kit” home on the other hand usually means picking out a plan from a plans book without be given the chance to adjust the plan, choose the materials or have made to suit their lifestyle.Owls Club Beaver Mountain Log Homes

At Beaver Mountain Log Homes, we feel that your custom crafted home is a reflection of your dream, your vision and your lifestyle.  We work methodically at making sure your home is perfect for you.  This means we offer specialty cuts, joinery and custom details not found in cookie cutter home. Beaver Mountain’s “Custom Crafted” homes allows for precision cutting in a controlled environment, builder friendly for a quicker and easier build.  The more we do in-house, the less time it will take for your builder to assemble, thus a quicker move in time for you. Many builders do not have the tools or craftsmen available to give a “kit” log home the same custom details that define a custom crafted home.

For the “kit” buyer, these details might not be important, but to the luxury home buyer, every detail is an important part of showcasing a custom crafted, one of a kind dream home emulating their lifestyle.