What The Beaver Mountain Difference Means to You


When you’re ready to build your family’s custom-crafted log home or timber home, we’re here to help. With some of the best people in the log home industry, our knowledge, skills and contacts let us put you, your time and your home first.

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Camp Kozakis Log Home Prow Front
Timber Outdoor Living Spaces
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Edgewood Acres Timber Home


  • Proven success, building thousands of custom-crafted projects, including Solid Log Homes, Insulated Log Homes, Timber Homes, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants, stores, a chapel, make-overs, additions, garages, barns, boathouses, gazebos, outdoor living spaces, etc.


  • Your personal consultant will get to know you, your family, your lifestyle, and your vision for your dream home and guide you every step of the way.


  • Work directly with our knowledgeable, talented Beaver Mountain team with log home and timber home experience of over four decades. (Not a middleman)
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Forest Lodge Outdoor Kitchen
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Dining Table and Living Space
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Timber Frame Home Portico Entrance


  • On-site Design Consultation – your building consultant and architectural designer will meet with you at your property, see what makes your home site special and create a personal, one-of-a-kind log home or timber home.


  • Architectural Aptitude – our in-house architectural design and engineering team creates custom designed homes with limitless material options, or we will work with your Designer/Architect.


  • Green, Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient building solutions will be taken into consideration during the design and material selection of your solid log home, insulated log home or timber home.


  • Develop Building Site Specific Architect/Engineer sealed, building and energy code compliant, Construction Drawings to meet Permit and Construction Requirements.
Network Of Professional Builders
Dry Stacked Log Home
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Builder Program


  • Since 1982, Beaver Mountain Log Homes has specialized in “Builder Friendly” Log Home and Timber Home construction featuring pre-engineered precision precut and numbered, prefabricated and panelized building systems.


  • The Pre-Cut & Numbered Wall Logs are “Drystacked” (pre-assembled) for inspection to ensure your Log Home meets Beaver Mountain’s strict quality standards and for client/builder viewing. View Dry Stack 3D Video


  • Personalize your solid log home, insulated log home or timber home material specification. Select the materials that best suit your tastes, then purchase only the materials that best fits your needs or a complete package.


  • Resources – Extensive Network or Industry Professionals – builders/contractors, architects/designers, banks, realtors, etc.
Timber Floor Joists
Routered Log Timber
Beaver Mountain Log Home Delivery


Based on our decades of experience and with the help of our extensive “Network of Industry Professionals,” Beaver Mountain will locate and recruit professional contractor candidates, local to our clients building site or we will work with their contractor. We will coordinate and conduct contractor introductions and assist with soliciting contractor bids. Our experienced staff will help finalize the building plans and help take the next steps with the selected contractor. Typically our clients will contract with Beaver Mountain Log Homes for the home design, material selection, and production phase and with the contractor for the construction phase.


At Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes, our goal is to deliver customer service that is “Second to None.” As such, we are proud of the kind and quality of materials we provide. Beaver Mountain specifically promises that the materials provided to you, as listed on the material specifications attached to your Purchase Agreement, will be of the kind and quality specified, pre-cut as specified, and supplied in sufficient quantity for their intended purpose.

Upon review of the log home or timber home Purchase Agreement, construction, assembly, and detail drawings, the materials list and your shipping list, if it is determined that materials were inadvertently missed, pre-cut incorrectly or shipped in insufficient quantity, Beaver Mountain will provide the materials to you at absolutely no cost. If it is determined that a sufficient quantity of materials was shipped, upon request we will provide additional materials at sale price plus shipping. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, call 1-607-467-2700.

“As part of your ongoing Customer Satisfaction initiative, you folks asked us if we’re satisfied with our new Beaver Mountain log home. In short, YES – ABSOLUTELY! From day one, we’ve been impressed by the quality of workmanship that has been designed into your product, and which has been carried through with your high quality manufacturing processes.

However, of equal importance has been the quality of customer service that you folks provided throughout the whole process…from our initial inquiry, through the floor plan and styling brainstorming, CAD development, production, timely delivery, and now actual construction. It’s been a distinct pleasure working with you and developing a personal – as well as professional – relationship that has led to genuine friendship.

While we were doing our land search, we were simultaneously researching various log home manufacturers. One thing we quickly learned was that Beaver Mountain is highly respected, even among your competitors! We were frequently asked what log home manufacturers we were considering and after we’d say, “Brand-L, Brand-K, etc.” and finally “Beaver Mountain”, the almost universal response was, “Well, those other brands are okay, but – yes- Beaver Mountain is a good company with a quality product.”

I would certainly – and unconditionally – recommend Beaver Mountain Log Homes to anyone who is seriously interested in purchasing and building a superior quality log home! Many thanks to you and all the folks at Beaver Mountain.”

Ann and Hank – Wayne County, PA

The First Step: Discussing Your Vision

Call us for a feasibility conversation or to schedule an in-person consultation
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