NYS Bans Gas Hookups in New Builds

In early May 2023, NY Governor Hochul announced that NY State has begun making strides towards becoming the first state in the country to eliminate all fossil fuel equipment in new construction starting in 2026. Under this mandate, all new homes built by 2026 must be fully electric and can no longer include propane or natural gas fueled heating systems or appliances. While there is still a good deal of information we do not know at this time, Beaver Mountain wants to share with clients what we do know so far and the ways it could impact the future of new construction projects.

Can Beaver Mountain’s Log Homes meet code?

First and foremost, our 10” log homes will still meet current energy codes in NY with electric heat. This should not be an issue for clients looking to build with us in the upcoming years. Also, RESCheck will not be affected with all electric construction. Drew Prochazka, Beaver Mountain’s Business Manager and Director for the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, states: “The legislation banning gas furnaces and stoves doesn’t affect the construction of Beaver Mountain log homes [any differently] than any other type of construction.”

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps are getting more cost effective and efficient every year. Heat pumps are also conveniently designed with A/C included; eliminating the need for separate A/C units or ducting. Interested in radiant floor heating? Not a problem. Electric homes can still have radiant floor heating (you would need ducting for your a/c if you choose radiant heating however).

An electric heat pump sits on the side of Camp Kozakis, providing heat and a/c throughout the home.

How will the new legistlation affect your build?

More than anything, we want our clients to know that they will still be able to build the homes they want. You can trust Beaver Mountain to openly communicate everything we know about these mandates and changing requirements as new information comes up.

Something to consider when it comes to designing and building your new log or timber frame home is incorporating alternative energy options like solar panels as a supplemental option for all electric homes. According to Todd Parsons, Beaver Mountain’s Operations Manager: “Solar panels or roof shingles can help reduce the amount of electricity pulled from the grid and any surplus energy produced is sold back to the grid, offsetting the monthly electric bill”.

Rest assured that your new construction builds with Beaver Mountain will meet energy codes throughout the Northeast and all other state requirements, regardless of where you’re building. Our team of engineering experts are here to guide you through every step of the process when it comes to making choices for your home that comply with all state regulations.

More Information

For more information on NY state requirements for new construction, check out these websites to keep yourself well-informed: