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Kitchen Design Tips: Part 2

Last time we started talking to Carol from Northeast Cabinet Center about ways to increase your storage and  keep your kitchen organized. (Click here to read that post!) Today she’s back and has some more tips for us!


Roll out drawers are a really easy way to access everything in your cabinets and come in several widths. These are very helpful in the kitchen to pull your appliances, pots/pans, etc. out for an easy access. No more crawling on your hands and knees retrieving an item in the back of the cabinet. They also aid in keeping a better inventory of your supplies since the items are readily available with an easy glide out drawer.


Cutlery divider 2 is a two tiered divider with plenty of room for cutlery, plastic wrap, a stainless steel wrap holder with built-in serrated edge. This is for a larger wide drawer. It can be paired with large pull out drawers for pots and pans. The other cutlery divider shown is two-tiered with room for cutlery, paring, knives, basting brush, iced tea spoons, etc. and is for a more narrow drawer to fit your customers needs and kitchen size. In my kitchen I have this cutlery divider over a single door cabinet with 2-roll out drawers for plastic food storage containers.

The knife block fits inside a drawer and arranges the knives for easy access and keeps the knives from rubbing together dulling the knives. In my kitchen the knife block is in the drawer above my 2-can waste. I also keep kitchen shears in the box area in the front of the knife block.


Some other great storage ideas:

  • I LOVE the utensil bin! You can keep all of your scrapers, spatulas, tongs, etc. off of your countertop in the stainless steel top bins. In the bottom two shelves I keep spices. This is a pull out unit that really utilizes space and helps keep your countertops clutter free!
  • There’s also a pull out spice storage that has adjustable height shelves for any combination spice jars/containers you use. You can pull this out for a quick glance at what you might need when going grocery shopping.
  • A tray divider organizes baking trays, cutting boards, cooling racks, etc. and is usually designed to fit next to your oven for easy access.


  • Peg drawer plate system for plate organization in a base cabinet deep drawer.
  • Stem glass holder underneath a wall cabinet to utilize space and it makes adds to a beautiful bar area.
  • Window seat with storage. Who doesn’t need storage?!

Finally, a wine rack at the end of an island adds beautiful functional storage without taking up too much space.

(Photos courtesy of Northeast Cabinet Center)