Home Design for Retiring-In-Place

Are you dreaming of retiring to a gorgeous custom crafted home surrounded by breathtaking views and the relaxing atmosphere of nature all around you? Perhaps you have a family cabin on a beloved piece of property and would like to transform the space into a one-of-a-kind wood home. When it comes to designing the dream home for your golden years, there are a few things to consider ensuring you’ll be happy and comfortable for many years to come.

What Are Your Current Needs and Your Predicted Future Needs?

 The goal as we age is to stay independent and live in our own home for as long as possible. To help achieve this, there are a few details you can include in your fully customized home that will meet your needs now – as well as meeting your changing needs down the road. When you design a home for retiring-in-place, you’re not just thinking about what your ideal home will be in your 60’s and 70’s, but also what your home will need to support your independent living lifestyle through your 80’s, 90’s (and beyond!).

Embrace Single Floor Living in Your Home Design

 When designing the ideal custom home to retire to, one key factor to consider is stairs. Keeping all your essential needs on the main level means you don’t have to travel up and down stairs daily. However, you can still include an upper level and lower level into the design of your home to ensure you have enough space for guests, holiday functions, and storage. A main level master suite can be designed to be a personal sanctuary with a large walk-in closet, spacious en-suite bathroom, and even private access to a covered porch or patio. Elevators can also be incorporated into the design for easy access to all floors.

Design Doorways with Future Needs In Mind

 A detail that you might not think of for a retiring-in-place home is the size of your doorways. Typical doorways are 30” or smaller and are not designed for wheelchairs or walkers to pass through. However, wider doorways that are at least 32” help ensure that any mobility equipment that you might need will easily be able to navigate the rooms of your home down the road. Another factor to keep in mind is the doors themselves. Designing doors that slide open versus swinging out or in will also help alleviate frustrations down the road.

Add In Details for Easy Accessibility 

 An open layout floor plan for the main level of your home allows for easier movement regardless of mobility devices needed later in life. Designing a kitchen, dining, and living room with wide clearances for wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers will help lessen frustrations in the future. Walk-in showers with built-in seats future-proof your bathroom. Showers can include custom non-slip tile or vinyl flooring to not only look gorgeous and modern but also to complement the function as well. Thoughtfully incorporating the space for grip bars around showers and toilets, to be added down the road, will also ensure that you can live comfortably in your home for many years.

Design the Perfect Kitchen for Every Season of Life

 When it comes to the kitchen, include ample cabinet space below the counters and in the island so things will always be easy to reach. Custom cabinet accessories like kitchen mixer lifts, pantry slide-out shelves, and even corner cabinet pull-outs to replace a traditional lazy susan design all make it easier to navigate the kitchen regardless of mobility. Don’t forget the space in your custom island for a microwave! Designing an island with a built-in microwave drawer means that precious counter space won’t be taken up by this much-used appliance. You also won’t have to worry about difficult accessibility later in life like you might with an above-the-range microwave. Consider adding a walk-in butler’s pantry to a kitchen or dining area to help keep food, countertop appliances, and other essentials easily accessible.

Add An Attached Garage for Convenience and Safety

 When designing your perfect retirement log or timber frame home, don’t forget to include an attached garage. This simple touch ensures you’ll never have to experience getting in and out of your car in bad weather. It will also lessen your fall risk thanks to avoiding slippery walkways from rain, snow, and ice. Snow melts off and drains through the garage floor, eliminating the need for brushing off your car during the winter. Attached garages can be designed with heated floors, built-in storage, and even enough space to be able to fit your “toys” like ATVs, golf carts, boats, and motorcycles.

Embrace Smart Home Technology

It seems like everything is powered through an app these days. Why not use smart technology to power your home as well? Thermostats, lights, locks, and security cameras are just a few tools that can be controlled by the touch of your phone or through voice assistants. By incorporating smart tech into your home design, you are giving yourself the convenience of not having to trek up or down stairs to turn off lights or adjust interior home temperature. Smart Technology also gives you peace of mind when you travel. You can check security cameras and home locks all from your phone or tablet no matter where you are visiting.

Choose Low Maintenance Landscaping

When it comes to designing a home where you will spend your golden years, don’t forget about keeping your exterior low maintenance as well. Working with a landscape designer to help ensure the property around your home is easy to care for, as well as aesthetically pleasing, is a must. Easy to maintain lawns, landscaping details and plants that encourage proper drainage, and even just making sure larger trees are planted away from your home will help you avoid common issues down the road.

What Does Your Ideal Retire-In-Place Home Look Like?

Designing a custom-built log or timber frame home allows you to create the exact space for all your current and future needs. Working with design professionals who are well-versed in the lifestyle needs of people of retirement age means you will have trusted knowledge and guidance at your fingertips every step of the way. You deserve to have the perfect home for you and your lifestyle that will support you in whatever season you’re in. Let Beaver Mountain help you design the custom crafted home you’ve always dreamed of retiring to. Whether that’s a cozy cabin in the mountains or a sprawling lodge on lakefront property, contact us to start making your dreams a reality in 2024.