3 Ways Beaver Mountain is Builder-Friendly



  • Our in-house, professional team creates one-of-a-kind designs with limitless options.
  • Since 1982, we’ve specialized structural log and timber construction.
  • To meet permit and construction requirements, we develop architect-sealed, Energy Code compliant construction drawings, assembly drawings, and material lists.
  • We offer green, sustainable, and energy-efficient building solutions.
  • Material take offs with guaranteed quantities and prices are available.
Builder Friendly
Dry Stacked Log Home
Dry Stacked Log Home


  • We supply pre-cut, pre-fabricated and/or panelized, ready-to-build log and timber frame building systems.
  • Over 50% of our homes have been built by builders that had not previously built a Beaver Mountain log or timber home.
  • Our wood is structurally graded, kiln-dried White Pine and Western Red Cedar.
  • Log and timber components are custom-crafted by skilled, experienced craftsmen (not mass-produced).
  • To ensure each log meets Beaver Mountain’s strict quality standards, pre-cut and numbered wall logs are dry stacked for customer/builder inspection.
  • Our extensive selection of log and timber sizes, shapes and profiles is custom-milled to customer/builder specifications.
  • Pattern boards and dimension lumber are sourced from top-of-grade companies/suppliers/mills.
  • Building materials are stacked on custom pallets, wrapped, staged together, and stored inside under cover until the delivery date. At that time, trucks are tarped for job site delivery.
Log Gable
Custom Crafted Window Buck
Custom Milled Timber Truss


  • Beaver Mountain’s knowledgeable professionals, some of the best in the industry, respond to building questions promptly.
  • Our central location, within driving distance of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, enables us to provide on-site technical assistance as needed.
  • You’ll be working directly with our caring Beaver Mountain “family,” a team with more than 300 years of combined experience.
  • Enjoy reliable support from one of our experienced log and timber construction advisors.
  • To accommodate your schedule, we offer on-time deliveries (when you want them), split delivery dates and/or staggered delivery times (an added convenience), and storage up to 30 days at no charge.
Network Of Professional Builders
Experienced Log Home Builders
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Builder Program


Based on our decades of experience and with the help of our extensive “Network of Industry Professionals,” Beaver Mountain will locate and recruit professional builder candidates, local to our clients building site. We will coordinate and conduct builder introductions and assist with soliciting builder bids. Our experienced staff will help finalize the building plans and help take the next steps with the selected builder. Typically our clients will contract with Beaver Mountain Log Homes for the design and productions phase and with the builder for the construction phase.

Beaver Mountain offers a “Builder Program” for professional builders interested in offering our log homes, timber frame homes, and hybrid homes to their clients in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. For more information regarding our “Builder Program” or if you are looking to join our “Network of Industry Professionals” please call 607-467-2700

Timber Floor Joists
Routered Log Timber
Beaver Mountain Log Home Delivery


At Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes, our goal is to deliver customer service that is “Second to None.” As such, we are proud of the kind and quality of materials we provide. Beaver Mountain specifically promises that the materials provided to you, as listed on the material specifications attached to your Purchase Agreement, will be of the kind and quality specified, pre-cut as specified, and supplied in sufficient quantity for their intended purpose.

Upon review of the Purchase Agreement, construction, assembly, and detail drawings, the materials list and your shipping list, if it is determined that materials were inadvertently missed, pre-cut incorrectly or shipped in insufficient quantity, Beaver Mountain will provide the materials to you at absolutely no cost. If it is determined that a sufficient quantity of materials was shipped, upon request we will provide additional materials at sale price plus shipping. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, call 1-607-467-2700.