Log Home Interior Design Trends

We’ve seen some interesting trends lately in log home interior design as our clients are creating their homes! Here’s a few of our favorites…

  • Mixing Bold Patterns

  • Using Primary Colors

  • Wallpaper & Murals

  • Cottagecore 

  • Comfort is Key!

Let’s take a look at those in depth!

Mixing Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are a great way to give your home some personality! You can go for a floral or maybe a geometric pattern to give any room that “pop”. But in 2021, we’ve seen clients mixing those patterns together! You can choose a common color palette, then mix and match to your heart’s content!

Log home kitchen with bright pops of orange, red and yellow at the rustic dining room table. An island with 4 orange stools and modern kitchen is in the background. Primary Colors in Log Home Design

Primary colors have been having a moment, in part thanks to yellow being Pantone’s color of the year. Bright and cheery, they can be mixed with more muted tones like gray or white or used together in the bold patterns. You can use them as an accent color in your throw pillows and blankets, or go for a more modern look and paint a wall. Blue is one of the top colors that we’ve seen in log homes lately, from beautiful navy cabinetry to blue furniture or wall coverings. It’s an easy color to decorate with. Stonework looks incredible with these colors, as does a bold stain on your beams and timbers like in this photo of the Valleyview kitchen and dining space.

Wallpapers & Murals

Modern bedroom with gray striped bed covering and wallpaper with geometric shapes in various shades of grayPeel & Stick wallpapers are easy to use (better yet, easy to take down when you want a fresh look) and can give any room a pretty pattern with no risk. Of course if you’d prefer, wallpapers applied with paste are still available and come in many textures! We love the use of wallpapers in the Cedar Crest Cabin. Definitely a departure from typical wood covered walls found in log homes, but looks so fresh and luxurious! Painted murals are a big trend in bedrooms and bathrooms, ranging from forests to seascapes. Add in some smart lighting that can change colors from your phone and you’ve got a unique, memorable room!

Log home bedroom with a muted pink bedspread, fireplace, ivory chair and dresser. Cottagecore

Haven’t heard of Cottagecore yet? You may be surprised to find you’ve already embraced parts of this trend without knowing it! Cottagecore is bringing the simple life into your modern fast paced days. Gardening, learning the art of sourdough, knitting, slowing down and taking a few extra minutes to sit with your cup of coffee – all of these things influence your interior design style! Maybe you design a wall to grow herbs, become a plant parent. Maybe it’s creating a cozy nook in the loft for reading or knitting (without a TV of course!) This trend leans toward using a more neutral palette, with soft pinks, muted colors and neutrals like ivory or light grays. Copper is a big trend this year in luxury kitchens. Hammered copper farmhouse sinks and incredible copper hoods add a touch of sparkle to the log home interior design aesthetic!

Comfort is key!

One of the best things that we’ve seen come from 2020 in log home interior design is the focus on comfort! Deep couches with cashmere throws, kitchens that are functional with lots of storage, large pantries with countertops for appliances, walk in laundry rooms, outdoor living spaces that let you snuggle up next to a fireplace while listening to the crickets (maybe with an outdoor kitchen) are all at the top of many of our clients’ wish lists. We’ve had many Beaver Mountain homeowners add onto their homes! Some are creating large living spaces or adding garages and outdoor space (like this Outdoor Kitchen).

Teak dining table set for 8 people with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen behind it in a log pavilion.

Whether you’re designing a new log home or renovating the one you’re already in, these tips will help you create a space you won’t want to leave! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily photos and News from the Mountain!