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Keepers of the Flag

March 22, 2011

Steve and Elaine Anderson fell in love with the feel of Beaver Mountain after twenty years of gathering research and traveling to other companies. They looked at some companies as far away as Washington state to find the perfect home for their property on top of Sidney Mountain in New York! Little did they know they would find everything they wanted in Beaver Mountain, and so close, practically in their back yard! “We discovered wonderful people, an outstanding quality product, and a business that really does make dreams come true.” Having their whole custom designed home floor plan done by August of 2003 and their complete custom crafted panelized home package delivered a few months after, they moved into their dream home in March of 2005! Steve and Elaine could not be happier, “We are thrilled to be living in our beautiful cedar home from Beaver Mountain.”

Their 30 ft. by 60 ft. enormous American flag is flown in honor of this country and in gratitude of all United States veterans. It can be seen for miles, and many even use it as a land mark! A near by resident says, “I knew I was almost home when I saw the flag.”

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Keepers of the Flag

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