Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes - Our Process - Dry Stacked Log Home
Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes - Our Process - Dry Stacked Log Home

Making the most of your search for a log home manufacturer

You have looked at magazines, read articles, and searched the Internet for information and pictures of log homes. You have decided that a log home is for you! Now comes the search for the provider and/or manufacturer of your log home. There are several hundred manufacturers and dealers of log homes in the United States and Canada. It sure can be overwhelming! How do you choose? Where do you start?

Choose your log "look"
You need to choose from three basic types of log "looks." A milled log package consists of logs with a uniform size and milled surface on the interior and exterior of the logs and timbers. A hand-peeled log package consists of logs that have had the bark removed from the logs and timbers by hand, leaving particles of the bark on the logs. This look tends to be more rustic than a milled log. A handcrafted log package consists of large diameter logs and timbers that are hand scribed for fit. Research the companies that provide the type of logs you like. This step will pare down the number of log home manufacturers that you need to research. Another easy step is to eliminate the companies that are a great distance away. It is so much easier to research the company, check out their products and services, talk to their people and see the model homes if the company is in the same part of the country you are in!
Now you should have a manageable number of companies that meet your preliminary criteria. Let's get down to the true research and investigation! Here are suggestions for things you can do to help you choose the company you want to work with to proceed with your log home construction project.
With your budget determined, a list of your "needs" for your home plan, or perhaps even a plan and style of home in mind, and a list of questions to ask the representative you talk with, begin to call the log home companies or dealers.
Beaver Mountain Log Homes, Inc. is a manufacturer delivering homes across the northeast U.S. with a staff of professionals that work directly with you. You have personal contact with our sales, design, production and customer service staff, providing answers, and assistance as your project progresses from the moment you call or walk into our showroom, to the completion of your home. This is not typical. Many manufacturers have dealers selling homes in an assigned region for a remote manufacturer. This dealer would be your only resource and spokesperson for you and the manufacturer.

Get a feel for the company
In either case, get a feel for the personnel of the company. Talk with their employees. Ask if they offer any tools to help a prospective customer to research their products and services. Inquire about the opportunity to see model homes and visit their manufacturing facility. Any of these are an excellent opportunity to research the company's construction techniques, the services they provide, the type of people they employ, and the way they conduct business.
When looking at a model home (preferably more than one) be sure to look past the decor, furnishings, and landscaping. Look at the details in the construction, the logs and beams, and the condition of the home's exterior and interior. Ask questions regarding the age of the model, the log size and species, what materials are actually provided by the company, and what things have changed from what is shown in that home. Take your time, and notice the details. If the model is the home of the builder or dealer you are considering, be sure to ask if the home was manufactured by the company he or she is representing at the time. It is not uncommon for dealers to live in a home produced by a former employer, and represent a different manufacturer. At Beaver Mountain Log Homes, Inc., we have three fully constructed model homes ranging from 1700 sq. ft. to 3,900 sq. ft., all in one location. You can walk through them all with one visit. Three sizes, three styles. These models offer you an opportunity to visualize room dimensions, window treatments, and advancements in our technology and materials, while seeing proof that our homes withstand the test of time and weather.

Visit the manufacturer
Touring the manufacturing facility will offer you a great deal of insight to the attention to detail given to the product that the company produces. Detail such as the care given to the materials used in the home, where the materials are stored, the cleanliness of the factory, the attitude of the workers, and the conditions of the work-place are all a reflection on the character of the company. It may also be an indication of the quality of the products they produce and provide. While touring the Beaver Mountain manufacturing facility, you will see how our homes are precut, preassembled, and packaged for shipping. You will see our engineering and administrative offices, and our materials storage and shipping areas.

The time to start is now
We would like to invite you to visit our model homes, or tour our manufacturing facility. We invite you to make a personal appointment to talk to one of our representatives about your building project. Our sale office, showroom and model homes are open all year by appointment or come visit us during one of our Open Houses! We are located at 200 Beaver Mountain Dr. Hancock, NY 13783. Call us at 607-467-2700 or e-mail at

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