Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes - Our Process - Dry Stacked Log Home 1
Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes - Our Process - Dry Stacked Log Home 1

The Custom Crafted Difference

In your search for that perfect dream log home, you have most likely come across two different types of log home companies - manufactured and handcrafted. Manufacturers create homes using logs milled on machinery. Some use a system of interlocking tongue and grooves to fit the logs together, resulting in a tight fit. Manufacturers typically have standard kits that enable them to produce hundreds of homes per year! Handcrafters tend to be smaller than manufacturers - some building only 2-3 homes each year. The logs are shaped, notched and stacked in their yard before being shipped to the site to be erected. Handcrafted homes are usually more expensive because extra labor is spent fitting the logs together before they are shipped.

There is also another type of custom home company-"custom crafted". Beaver Mountain Log Homes produces custom crafted homes, a hybrid between manufactured and handcrafted. Our logs are milled with a combination of machinery and bench work by experienced craftsmen. A home is created for you combining the options that you want with the aesthetic details you love. 

From the moment your logs are received at our manufacturing facility located in Deposit, NY, they are scrutinized. We inspect every log to insure that it meets our stringent grading of TPI Log Wall 53!  After they are graded, the logs are air dried and then kiln dried before heading in to be milled. 

Custom crafting allows us to pre-engineer more builder friendly features not found with quantity oriented manufacturers. We pre-cut and number our log materials and pack them in reverse order on specially designed pallets, this way the first log needed is on the top of the pack. 

Beaver Mountain Log Homes is the only company in the Northeast (other than handcrafters) that dry stacks as a standard procedure. We believe that dry stacking only enhances our dedication to quality be enabling us to perfect our manufacturing techniques and also gives you the opportunity to inspect your log walls before delivery to your site. 

This is your dream log home. We don't believe in selling standard "kits". Our packages are put together by you to include what you want. Nothing in your package is standard. There are no options - only choices! Our experienced team of professionals can help you choose what goes into your home; they're with you throughout the entire process!

Most of us will make the largest investment of our lives when we decide to build a new home. When you choose Beaver Mountain Log Homes to produce your log home, timber frame home or hybrid home you can be assured that your home is given the care and attention that one would expect when choosing the finest in custom homes. At Beaver Mountain Log Homes "Our Families Pride Goes into Your Family's Home"!

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Custom Crafted
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